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Product quality, timely delivery and customer satisfaction are at the top of our organizational values.

Why Choose Us?

Kabileh always tries to use the best plant inputs such as Argentine and Brazilian soybeans, corn, and Russian barley in feed production.

In Kabila, according to the needs of light and heavy livestock at any age and condition, special formulations are prepared by experienced experts. This formulation helps livestock to grow significantly and perform better.

Livestock health and improvement of conversion rate are also effects of suitable and nutritious feed.

Addition to livestock, poultry also need a set of food ingredients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and food additives for better growth and performance, which are available in the feed produced by Kabile.

Telephone and face-to-face support by professional consultants and experts, even if your problem is not related to the collection!

In addition to applying modern knowledge and using the best devices, the standard and quality of raw materials are the first word.

After placing the order and payment, it takes 48 to 72 working hours for the shipment to reach you.




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